MODEL: Body Fat Analyzer
ˇEBody Rate Measuring Range (in percentage): 5.0~50%
ˇEDisplay Resolution:0.1 %
ˇEPower Consumption: about 0.01watt.
ˇEPower-saving: powered off automatically after every one minute of idling.
ˇE Memory function: storage of up to 8 up to personal data profiles.
ˇE Battery : CR2032, 3 Volt
ˇEBattery life: batter included takes at least 2000measure-ments.
ˇEOperating environment: 10.0 0C to 40.0 0C, with relative humidity up to 95%(non-condensing).
ˇEStorage environment:-20 0C to 60 0C, with relative humidity up to 95%(non-condensing)
ˇEDimensions (L x W x D):9.6 cm x 4.9 cm x 0.9cm
ˇE Weight: approx. 50g.
ˇE Case material: ABS
ˇE Surface: sandblast treatment
ˇEPersonal Data Input Range:
Height: 100.0cm~250.0cm (2.00ˇ¨ ˇV 9.11ˇ¨)
Weight: 10.0kg~250.0kg (22lb~550lb)
Age: 10 years~80 years.
Gender: Male/Female
Response time: in merely 5 seconds.
Display Result: Shows body fat by weight percentage and indication figure of body fat type.
Body Fat Types-5 Body fat types applicable:
Underweight / Healthy Slightly Overweight / Overweight / Obese.